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Has anyone tried Victoria Secret Makeup?

I guess I've never really went into Victoria Secret for make up. I knew they had make up, but I guess never really thought to try it. Has anyone tried it and or like it, and could recommend certain products? Also t he Victoria Secret hair products. I have fine hair and was wondering if their volumizing shampoos or hairsprays were any good? 
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L'Oreal True Match

Has anyone tried any of the L'Oreal True Match line? I've never found a foundation that didn't make me look orange and unnatural and I'm really hoping that this will be one that works for me. I've heard mixed reviews though. Anyone have any input?
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Can anyone reccommend a good fake-tanning lotion or spray? I'm looking for one that's quick-dry, easy to apply (esp on your back etc) and that is quite dark/good for olive skin. Only mainstream/drugstore brands though, please, I'm in New Zealand and we probably don't get the smaller brands you American/Brit gals do :-)

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Some of my favorites:

Positively Radiant Cleanser is awesome
Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer is awesome too! Some people say it makes their skin feel greasy, but I put it on before I go to bed, like it says, and it's worked into my skin by morning. And i put it on again before I dry my hair and it's in my skin by the time I'm done. I am going to try the kind for redness on the face to see if it helps with that. But my facial is so soft and smooth since I have been using this! I swear by their body wash! It's the only body wash I use that doesn't make my skin itch! They started making it in a bigger size, too so that made me happy.

My favorite perfumes are: Paris Hilton (the first one- with the pink bottle and the black stripes. I love the smell!), Baby Phat, and Miami Glow.

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Pore minimizing products

Hi everyone, just joined the community and I was wondering if any of you know of any good pore minimizing products or which ones to steer clear from. My skin has been dry alot and at times really acts up so I just need some suggestions of products that wont really make me break out or anything.

thankies =)


Before I started dying my hair, it was perfect straight when I used a blow dryer, I could lay on it and still have it straight when I woke up with no kinks. It kept that way even after I started dying my hair for a few more years. Now, when I use my blow dryer, I can't lay on it without having kinks in it and now have to resort to using a flat iron, which I hate, because it flats my hair even more. Is this from dying it too much and what can I do, to have my hair back the way it used to be. Naturally my hair is a light ash brown, it is now black. The only way I heard, was to let it grow out. I can't stand roots and if I get the black out, it will ruin my hair once again. Are those my only opintions??

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fake nails

hello all :]

quick question, i have acrylic (fake) nails on at the moment with a yellow top coat (this was all done proffessionally) ...that was 2 weeks ago and now the yellow looks bad.

think i could take the yellow off and simply repaint them, or will it destroy the acrylic or something.